Things Men Notice In A Woman At First Sight

There are certain things that at first sight men see in women and that they fall in love with.

The first impression for them counts and, even if they say no, they do look at the physical.

These 9 things are the ones that are most noticed by them, if they tell you otherwise, they are looking like something they are not or do not want to show you …

Yes, they look at the physical in 95% of cases!

Things Men Notice In A Woman At First Sight

1. The hair.

The hair inspires love. Your cut or your hair color, as well as its shape, it drives him crazy.

They also look at it a lot when you walk. They like your hair movement a lot with each step you take.

2. Your outfit.

The attire is also something that makes them fall in love.

They notice if the garments are pretty and well placed on the body.

Not so much if the clothing is quality or brand, but if it goes well according to the physical and your personality.

Well-worn jeans, whatever the size, can generate attraction. Of course!

3. Your personal hygiene.

Personal hygiene is something that they also have in mind.

They like clean, refined, well-groomed girls. Who smell good and their nails are well fixed.

They fall in love at first sight with these details. But well, who does not?

4. Your eyes.

The eyes are the engine of falling in love.

Beautiful and expressive eyes, according to the personality and having life and soul. The eyes SPELL!

A loving and tender look is nice to feel and see it.

5. Your hips and walking.

Or your rear. Let’s not kid ourselves, these drive men crazy.

It is a reality that can not be denied. And of course, they look at your walk and the movement of each step you take …

6. How you behave with others.

They do not like rude women with a bad attitude.

They prefer and fall in love with educated and smart girls. Of good talking and affectionate.

Bad words and women who misbehave with people, men prefer to avoid.

7. Lips.

They drive them crazy!

There are all color types, but they do not always prefer them painted.

Sometimes natural lips are much more sensual … What do you think?

8. Legs.

The legs are also very dear and are also some of the ones that inspire love at first sight.

Do not forget that men often fall in love with the physical, and what better part of the body to show your physique.

Sometimes style counts more than beauty. A daring and beautiful walk conquers men.