Simple ways to make your man feel good and special

Sometimes, you do not need words to show your love.

Just use these 5 subtle ways to make your man feel special and loved.

So he will realize how much he means to you, even if you do not use a word to express your love.


Simple ways to make your man feel good and special

1. Do not criticize him.

Every time your man tries to do something, whether to impress you or to achieve something in his life, avoid being too censorious.

Even when you do not believe in his abilities, try to talk to him about the pros and cons of the situation, instead of criticizing the things he does.

Criticism feels like a blow, especially when it is more an accusation than an advice.

If there is something you want to tell him, you can always advise him, but avoid talking with contempt or treating him like a spoiled child.

2. Men hate insecurity.

If there is one thing that makes a man feel rejected and ordinary, it is when the woman who loves him treats him as if he were just any man.

Never abandon him or pay less attention when you’re talking to another man, especially one that your man sees as a threat.

If you love your man, never make him feel insecure or threatened in the relationship.

Always make him feel special and let him know that he is the most important man in your life.

3. Defend him.

When you are in public and someone speaks to him in a disrespectful way, support your man, even when you think he is wrong.

You can always tell him in private about your true opinion, but when both are together in public, he will see you as his pillar of strength and it will hurt him if you oppose him or join the other side.

4. Flatter him.

Praise your man when he makes an effort to impress you.

Be honest in your appreciation and congratulate him for being a great man, value his achievements and do not criticize him negatively.

Your compliments are very important to your man, because he will always take your opinions into consideration and because you will make him feel good about himself.

5. Flirt with him in front of others.

Maybe your man feels uncomfortable when you cling to his arms or give him a kiss in public, but oddly enough, he will adore those displays of affection in public.
Seeing how other men look at him with jealousy is something very rewarding for him.