Signs That You Drive Him Crazy

Do you want to know if he really dies of love for you? Too easy.

You just have to look at his behaviors for these infallible signs that you drive him crazy. Go ahead.


Signs That You Drive Him Crazy

1. Calls you and writes to you all the time.

A sign that your boy is crazy about you is that he spends his time sending messages to you and calling you at all times.

He does it because he misses you and he needs to know about you, he would like to be by your side and he lets you know that way.

2. He is affectionate in public places.

Not all guys dare to passionately kiss their girlfriend in public places. If he is still affectionate on the street, shopping or wherever it is because he is definitely crazy about you.

3. He manages to impress you.

Every time he goes to see you, he spends time carefully choosing his clothes, showering and perfuming to impress you. That guy dies for you.

If when you are together he does not want to leave your house, it takes him minutes to say goodbye, or does not cut the phone when you speak, it is because he is not willing to leave your side for anything in the world.

It’s another sign that he’s mad about you.

5. Publishes your photos.

Shouting his love to the four winds is a great sign that you drive him crazy, and what better than when your boy does not care about anything and fills his wall with photos of you together.

6. He is interested in your family and friends.

If for him it is important to impress yours and fall into grace, you can be happy because that boy really loves you and is crazy about you.

It is also a good sign that he worries about the problems of a family member or friend and wants to help solve it.

7. Includes you in his future plans.

And if this sign appears in your boy, friend, I must congratulate you because he’s not only mad for you but he’s truly in love with you.

With these 7 signs, it is easy to know if you drive him crazy.

What do you think? Is he crazy about you? Tell us.