Romantic Things You Want Him to Do For You

Men are not very romantic but they have many nice gestures, even so, your expectations are always higher.

Over the years and experiences, you have already resigned yourself, but in the depths of your heart, you still have the small hope of seeing your partner have a great detail, especially made by himself.

These are the romantic things that would be a direct crush to your heart.

Romantic Things You Want Him to Do For You

1. Dinner:

It’s nice to go out to a place where they prepare very delicious food, but there is nothing more moving than tasting the food prepared by himself or even taking the detail of decorating the environment.

2. Letters:

You would love to see his handwriting and some of his thoughts written on paper.

It’s something so tender, that surpasses any testament on Facebook.

3. Propose you:

Admit it, you hate those who cry like Magdalena when they show them the ring, but it will happen to you exactly the same and you will cry more for being crying.

4. Surprise messages:

Finding some message from him when he gives you something, hidden in your clothes or somewhere you go together.

5. Serenade:

Listening to music at night, that he is not afraid to be romantic in front of all your neighbors.

Obviously, you would like to hear something besides mariachis and watch him try to play music or sing.

6. Flowers:

It’s super trite, but even the toughest woman stops being an iceberg even if it’s a second after seeing this detail.

That he is backward, then turns around and reveal a bouquet of flowers by surprise, it is something that will leave you impacted.

7. Teddy bears:

It is good to have a nice memory of him to see and hug.

You love him, do not deny it.

8. Morning calls:

Not to ask if there was an earthquake or fight of jealousy, but to say a couple of nice words at the start of the morning.

Who does not start even the worst day in the world with a nice message from the person they love the most?

It is time to cross your fingers so that he has these gestures with you, more if they are things made by him.

But if you do not want to wait forever for him to guess, you know what to do.