Reasons why perfect women can not find a man

There is something that seems to be a constant among many successful, intelligent and attractive women; in short, “perfect”.

The difficulty of maintaining a stable relationship or finding a partner that is up to their level. While this is not impossible, more and more people are asking why.

It’s not that there is anything wrong with them! Simply, there are eight reasons that they better assimilate:

Reasons why perfect women can not find a man

1. They are afraid to be alone.

A common problem in many of these girls is that despite their professional achievements and their overflowing personality, they feel unsuccessful if they do not have a relationship.

It is that fear that moves them to unsatisfactory and unstable relationships.

2. They tend to get a complex.

Paradoxically, although they are beautiful and intelligent, several of them often invent complexes to avoid fixing themselves as they should.

That is why they miss the opportunity to dress in sexier outfits or give up by highlighting their figure.

3. They let the opportunities pass.

In their eagerness to find the boy they really deserve, they let themselves be carried away by the imperfections of their suitors, without focusing on the virtues they have. They fear too much wrong to give them a chance.

4. They take care of themselves.

Their self-sufficiency has made things clear to them, they do not need a man by their side to feel secure.

They look for serious relationships with worthwhile guys, so they quickly dismiss guys who just want to have fun.

5. They are no longer satisfied with being wives.

Despite their search for love, modern girls are clear that getting married and starting a family is not their priority; something that some men have not yet accepted.
They prefer to remain single or let go of their dreams.

6. They are too beautiful.

Another ironic factor is the fact that their attractiveness exposes them to the wrong guys: cocky, selfish and superficial.

While good but more timid and humble men, put themselves aside because they consider them beyond their reach.

7. They do not like to waste time.

If there is a detail on the first date that they do not like, they pass without remorse to the next candidate.

They need the communication to be fluid from the first moment, as well as analyze every possible defect in a “future husband”.

8. Perfection has become an obsession for them.

Many women must understand that being perfect is not everything in life.

Human beings are wrong and have imperfections, but that has nothing to do with love.

Healthy and stable relationships are those in which two people love each other despite their shortcomings.

It’s amazing how many times, what we consider ideal gets away from what we really want in life.

If you have identified yourself with any of these situations, maybe it’s time for you to relax a bit and allow yourself to try all the romantic possibilities that life has to offer, don’t you think?