Reasons Why A Man Falls In Love With A Woman

It is not a spectacular body and an angel face the reasons why a man falls in love with a woman, this goes beyond those qualities.

Although women are said to be more dreamy and often give their hearts faster, science has explained that it is the opposite and also pointed out the reasons why a man falls in love with a woman.

According to a study published in the Journal of Social Psychology, men fall in love more quickly than women, which ends the idea that women are weak and men are resistant to love, in fact, these are some of the reasons why a man falls in love with a woman.

Reasons Why A Man Falls In Love With A Woman

1. The whole set.

According to Doctor Eduardo Calixto González, it only takes a man 8 seconds to 12 minutes to evaluate a girl so that his brain processes that selection.

It is at this time that dopamine does its job and identifies in the first instance if, apart from the physical issue, other general aspects will also be taken into account.

2. Her way of seeing life.

All men love that women have thoughts about life similar to his, or not that different and that she manages to open his eyes to a new world. For men, this will help them to coincide both in the way of living and in having the desired lifestyle.

3. The desire to protect you.

Remember that men are protective by nature, they are designed to protect the herd. Although women today are independent, free and strong, they need the support and protection of a man and they cannot deny that they like to feel safe when a man wants to take care of them.

When a man feels the desire to protect a woman, it is because he has definitely fallen in love. Something in his heart tells him that he wants to take care of her and that she is his greatest treasure.

4. Feels that he can contribute something to her life.

When a man is falling in love with a woman, he feels that he is immensely happy with her. They love to please by nature. That is why there is nothing more rewarding for a man than seeing the woman he loves happy. It makes him feel triumphant.

In case a girl is happy with his company, is interested in him and is aware of what is happening to him, his brain will tell him that she is the woman of his life.

5. The way he feels by your side.

He may not be able to explain it to himself, but he feels that when he has the company of that woman, he radiates peace, feelings of joy, well-being, emotion, and euphoria, he will probably start falling in love or already is.

When a woman identifies all the qualities that a man has, she tells him how much she likes him, how good her feelings are, she gives him her company and makes him feel important, men highly value this type of situation.

Aside from that men love to feel loved and accepted, so it is usually a key point for a man to have no problem giving up his heart completely.

6. She is an authentic woman.

There is nothing more attractive to a man than a woman who is sure of her ideas, of what she is worth and everything she is capable of giving. If she does not spend her time trying to be like someone else or does what all the girls do but on the contrary follow her convictions, she shows that she is a woman sure of what she wants in life, something that fascinates men.

Men like women who are always looking forward, who do not pay attention to the comments of those who surround them, who are authentic in their actions and who do not stop at anything or anyone.

Although there is no exact formula when it comes to making a man falling in love, as each one does it differently, many share some of the points mentioned above. However, the best thing is to always be yourself and let that man put you in his heart for the beautiful person you are.