Qualities that a true man has

Because there are many men, but ‘true men’ there are not so many, here is a guide to identify them and hunt them down.

When you read the words ‘true’ and ‘man’, do your grandmother’s words come to mind?

She who knew with such wisdom what woman and what man was good for marriage and who wasn’t … She could recommend you to someone worthy of you, and almost always hit.

Nowadays it is very easy to find men, but ‘real men’ not so much, that is why in “En Pareja” we pass you the scale of the grandmother to know what they are made of.

Find out if your boyfriend or prospect looks like the future father of your children, and if not, do not even look for a friend!

This is the advice of Erica Jagger, a sexy woman who is over 50 and probably knows more about life than you, take note!.

Qualities that a true man has

1. Strength.

It has nothing to do with muscles, it is about your inner strength, a man who has nothing to prove to others is a true man.

He will defend himself when he has to do it and will not run away when a big problem comes.

It does not mean that he is not afraid, simply that he has the strength to face whatever comes.

2. Vulnerability.

There is no strong man who is not vulnerable, someone who is able to express what he feels, who risks part of his feelings in the hope of having a reward, someone who is not afraid to admit his mistakes is a sign that he has overcome them.

3. Integrity.

This is what separates children from men because nobody wants to be with someone who appears what is not, or who pretends to reach high without wanting to put their hands.

A true man knows that being with a real woman costs, and is willing to pay the price.

4. Intellect.

A brilliant mind seduces more than anything else, the ingenuity to solve problems and an insatiable thirst to learn, to discover, compare, contrast, criticize and reach conclusions.

It is basic so that he does not repeat his mistakes and to look for what is best for him.

5. The sense of humor.

Poor of the woman who is with a poor man of humor, for the bed and for the life is needed someone who laughs and who has fun, who maintains a smile in the middle of a storm.

If you are with a positive man you do not know how lucky you are, you have one in a million.

Compassion and empathy make a man a true man, anyone can focus on his emotions, but not every man is warm and pleasant.

A grumpy, parched and unattractive character only leads us to accumulate contempt and resentment.

6. Generosity.

It is said that stingy men are not good in bed, for something it is. How can someone stingy be generous in bed? Never!

It’s not about opening his hands and giving you everything he has but neither about counting coins and love.

Someone who is stingy will surely stay physically and emotionally in the room, which is not good for anyone.

7. Tenderness.

Women love tender men, those who put their heads in their laps, those who caress with words and always have a smile to brighten up the day.

It is part of wanting this intimacy, the closeness of your heart, a true man appreciates it, and does not let your desire to keep him close to vanish.

8. Partner.

The ‘true man’ is a worthy partner, he does not want to be on top, not to be down, simply to be.

He does not try to control, nor does he allow himself to be controlled, he understands that it is a relationship of commitment and reciprocity.

9. Sexual trust.

A ‘real man’ is one who does not need to brag about what goes on in bed, if you know a man who says it without regard, really, stay away from him, he is not trustworthy, you can never establish a good relationship with someone that leaves the entrance of the room open.

Do you have a real man by your side?

(Source: https://www.enpareja.com)