Qualities That A Man Looks For In A Woman

Relationships are not only based on love and although it is a basic element but a man also seeks certain qualities in women to choose her as his partner

We all look for our better half, but we must be clear about what a man looks for in a woman to form a relationship.

Qualities That A Man Looks For In A Woman

1. Self-confident.

There is nothing more powerful than a confident woman who has confidence in herself, who does not care what they say and does what she really wants, this virtue is much appreciated and admired by men.

2. Intelligence.

Although men are usually very basic, they no longer look for a simple “pretty” one.

Intelligence is a trait that they also seek, especially when they think about the future and when they are up to the task since intelligence is not only measured in levels of skill and knowledge, but also in the possibility of carrying a relationship in an intelligent way.

3. Nothing materialistic.

Women who value things more related to nature, to the simple but profound life, to the beauty of the detail of existing, are more interesting women for men.

Like women, men are also interested in sensitive issues and often have a certain distance with “material women”.

4. Spontaneity.

One of the first things a man notices on a woman is her spontaneity, that spark of freshness that makes her funny, different and even more attractive and that can be a challenge in a certain way. That attracts men.

5. Relaxed.

One of the things that a man detests most is a stressed woman, who scolds him all day, who is after him controlling everything.

They look for an accomplice to have a good time and for that, it takes a bit of relaxation, at least from time to time.

6. Comprehensive.

Probably one of the most powerful attractions of a woman is her sense of empathy, that ability to put herself in the place of the other and justify it if necessary.
They look for a partner who does not take things so seriously, and with whom they may feel they have the right to make mistakes.

7. Sensuality.

Many confuse sensuality with beauty, but they are completely different concepts.

A man prefers a sensual woman better than a beautiful woman; a woman who is very feminine, with a sensual look and provocative attitude is stronger than physical appearance.

8. Honesty.

Just like women, men also hate lies; that is why honesty is one of the most important traits when a man seeks a woman to formalize and have a family, sincerity is a primal trait in a woman.

9. Independence.

An independent woman is more attractive to a man, she knows that she is with him because she wants to and not because he seeks stability or some other interest.

But it is not only about economic independence, but also about emotional independence, that they have their own space and allow him to have his own.

10. Support him.

While it is true, men do not look for a “second mom”.

They do look for a woman to support them in the necessary moments, that when they turn around she is there to offer her selfless support, someone to trust and to contribute ideas to solve matters and move forward together.

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