Physical signs that show that he dies of love for you Even if he does not want to say it

Men have always been very little expressive when it comes to demonstrating their feelings.

In a few occasions, they resort to words and it is this same situation that makes women despair before the behavior that is typical of a man in love.


However, there is something that even if they do not want to, it gives them away and it is what the expert in the topic Patti Wood, author of the book “Success Signals, A Guide to Reading Body Language”, explains to all women who want to know what is that goes through the mind of their partner.

Knowing how much in love he is thanks to his body language is easier than you think if you pay attention to the following:

Physical signs that show that he dies of love for you

1. His pupils dilate.

According to the expert, dilation of the pupil means that the flow of hormones is getting out of control, so surely his chemical levels skyrocket every time he sees the woman he loves.

2. Shows his frontal teeth.

It is said that usually men stop smiling in this way when they’re around 5 years, therefore when he does it as an adult it means that he feels in full confidence, plus it is the indicator that he is having an incredible time.

3. Fixes his eyes on the face of his beloved person.

In a time when everyone is more attentive to the cell than people, someone who sees you directly in the eye can be somewhat uncomfortable, however when a man looks at the girl in the face, 80% of his time no doubt he is hopelessly in love.

4. Inhales air before meeting with the girl he loves.

Sometimes he is so excited to see the woman of his dreams that he literally remains breathless.

So if you see that when he feels close to you, he takes a considerable amount of air, it’s because he loves you.

5. He inclines towards her when talking to her.

It means that he is really interested in what she is saying, apart from taking it as an excellent opportunity to create more closeness and that physical contact becomes necessary.

6. Touches the girl’s knees or accommodates her hair behind her ear.

These gestures usually represent passion and tenderness respectively.

They make it clear that this boy wants to protect that girl at all times.

7 He stands up with the tips of his feet towards her.

The direction of the feet is directly related to the subconscious of physical defense, therefore this is a sign that he is alert to defend the woman he loves before any enemy.

8. Crosses the legs.

In case he crosses his legs and tilts the rest of the torso towards that woman, it means that he is interested too much and he feels quite attracted.

9. When he takes her by the hand and presses his palm against hers.

Not only intertwines the fingers but seeks a more complete contact. This fact makes it clear that he wants a deeper connection.

10 Walks along with her.

When he goes down the street two steps back from the girl, it is because he is interested in her, but if he does it by her side it means that he wants her company.

Eye, you must also pay attention to the situation, sometimes when entering a place he must give way.

Love is something that can not be hidden that’s why even if a man does not want to express it with words, the body will always give him away.