Phrases That Drive A Man Crazy

We have already taught you 5 phrases to drive a man crazy. But, as Women asked for more, here we return with another round of those expressions that make them lose their reason.

Are you going to stay without knowing 10 sentences to drive a man crazy?

You can see them next. You can not imagine how effective they are …

Phrases That Drive A Man Crazy

1. How nice you look today!

This is one of the infallible to seduce a man.

When he finishes knotting his tie, when he gets home from work or whenever you see each other, throw that phrase spontaneously even if you were talking about something else.

What better than a compliment of this kind of the woman that drives him crazy?

If you want, you can be more specific, flattering something about his hairstyle, his clothes his scent, etc.

He will not be able to resist!

2. I’ll wait for you in bed … with the smallest lingerie set I have.

This is ideal to send by text message. When he is on his way home, heat the previous one with a phrase like that.

To imagine you this way, your man would take a plane to get to see you as soon as possible;)

Make sure he’s no longer at work! He will not be able to concentrate again …

3. You drive me crazy …

To drive a man crazy, nothing better than going the other way and telling him that he drives you crazy.

From this expression, passion will explode and he will not let you go for a long time.

It is an excellent phrase to start the previous game.

4. Oh, yes, yes, keep it up, I’m almost there!

Do you want to drive him crazy in bed?

That phrase is what he wants to hear while giving you pleasure.

And men are very concerned about sexual performance and would give anything to please their girl and be the best lover she ever had.

Letting him know that you are enjoying him and that you are close to the long-awaited orgasm will drive him crazy.

Do you have any doubt?

5. How much I like it when …

This phrase applies to the previous context, you just have to continue it with a certain action.

For example, “How much I like it when you kiss my neck” or “How much I like it when you caress me (body area)”.

When hearing such a thing, not only will you be able to excite him in a way but you will earn triple kisses on the neck, caresses or whatever you have flattered to him that you like so much.

6. You can achieve it, I believe in you!

Because not everything is sex, of course! There are other phrases that they love to hear from their girl.

When he finds himself with doubts, problems, indecisions, your words of encouragement, support and the confidence you have in him are the best he can hear.

Do not skimp on these types of comments: It’s what he’s going to need.

7. And for dessert, chocolate cake!

Who can not get excited with such a statement?!

Knowing that we are going to eat something rich puts us in a good mood at once, so surprise him at dinner time with an irresistible chocolate cake or the dish he likes the most.

It can be a chocolate cake or whatever he likes best.

8. Today I’m not going to watch TV, the remote control is all yours.

I still can not understand the addiction of many men to zapping. That of changing channels without seeing anything; unintelligible to women, a vice for them.

So, well, let him have a happy day, he and the remote control.

9. I miss you.

A very tender phrase, right?

And that you can say in many situations.

He will love to hear that you want to have him by your side and that you can not stand not seeing him.

10. I love you.

Because, when there is love, hearing those two words from the beloved person comforts our existence.

If you feel it, say it!

What other phrases do you think men love? Share them!