Men’s Most Favorite Caresses

They love them, so if you set your mind to it, you can have a very pleasant time with your partner.

Do you want to make your partner feel good and spend a pleasant moment with him?

Then you must know which are men’s most favorite caresses.

Men’s Most Favorite Caresses

1. Caresses on the back.

Yes, the back is one of the men’s favorite places to give it a little attention. It is also a place where you can play with the pressure of your fingers (and your nails) without fear of doing harm.

You can write love messages on his back with your fingers and you can be sure that he will receive the message.

2. Caresses on the chest.

Men love that your fingers tangle in the hair on their chest if they are not waxed. And if they are shaved, they also like caresses in that open area of ​​the heart. Do not hesitate when stroking his nipples, because it is one of his most sensitive points.

3. Caresses on the head.

Those movie kisses in which the girl caresses the guys’ neck while they eat their mouths have an intention and that is to point you to one of the men’s favorite places to caress them.

4. Caresses and more on the fingers.

The fingers of the hands are one of the places that give more play when it comes to raising the temperature of a sexual encounter.

Take the test the next time you are on the sofa calmly watching a movie and start caressing his fingers, go around the contour of each finger and you will see how in a few seconds he asks you for something else.

5. Genital caresses.

It is not a secret that the genitals are the preferred place for men to caress and for what it is not to caress. Gently brush his testicles and dare discreetly caress his perineum. Pleasure will be inevitable.

6. Caresses on the knees.

This area is quite an erotic surprise. The inner side of the knees seems to have a spring of pleasure that with a light caress starts. Try and see.

7. Caresses on the feet.

It doesn’t take your man to be a fetishist to drive him crazy if you pat his feet. The fingers, for example, but especially the instep, a place that when it receives a caress transfers the sensation to the rest of the body.