How To Warm Up A Man

Seducing is an art, despite that many women think that men prefer girls who go straight to the point.

Although this statement is not entirely incorrect, they also like a woman who warms and seduces them to raise the excitement to unimagined levels.

But do you know how to do it?

If it causes you to play a little and make that boy die of desire for you, here we explain how to warm up a man with some key tricks.

How To Warm Up A Man

1. Insinuate yourself with subtlety.

We have evolved to become much more rational people, but our primitive side continues there. That’s why boys enjoy “hunting” a woman and trying to get her attention.

If you want to start warming a man up, start by insinuating yourself with subtlety to let him know that there are possibilities with you, but that you should go little by little.

Always keep control of the situation and go calmly and patiently, allow the unresolved sexual tension to be established between the two before taking the first step towards the physical.

2. Gradual physical proximity.

Slow and gradual physical proximity is the best way to warm a man.

Approach with subtlety, approach when you speak to him, look him in the eye, occasionally rub his hand.

Allow him to feel your skin and discover its texture, the occasional rubbing increases desire and prepares the ground for a passionate encounter.

3. Become the queen of subtle provocation.

From time to time make a two-way comment, give him an intense look, an insinuating smile and give it room for him to react.

Many boys will act before your provocations and will go to the physical plane (with a kiss, a caress), others will let you know that they would love to be with you so that it is you who makes the final decision.

In both cases, you get what you want: A passionate encounter with that guy that appeals to you.

4. Leave things to the imagination.

To warm a man you have to know how to show the best of your body without falling into exhibitionism.

There is nothing more seductive than leaving things to the imagination, so take advantage of your attributes to wear clothes that favor you and make him understand that your body has much more to offer.

Of course, without showing much or you will end the magic.

5. Give him security.

Do you want to warm that boy up?

Show him that he is special and that he has your attention, men love knowing they are taken care of.

This is also very important to give him security and to maintain sexual tension.

Do not treat him the same as the rest of your friends. So he will know that you want something else with him.

6. Keep a little mystery.

Men love to discover what lies behind a woman, but they have no interest in knowing about your previous partners or very explicit things about your life or your intimacy.

Leave that for another stage, if you want to warm a boy keep some mystery and do not tell everything about yourself in the first meeting.

The more charming, fun and sensual you are, the better.