How to know if a man is very excited and in love with you

How do you know if that man you like so much is in love with you?

You have probably already done a thousand things to show him that you are in love with him and are waiting for an answer from him that does not seem to come.


But you have to know that, they do not show their feelings in the same way that you do.

How can you then know if he is in love with you?

Next, we reveal what details you should be aware of.

How to know if a man is very excited and in love with you

1. He hears you.

Whatever you tell him, he will be attentive to you and will remember every detail of your story because it is important for him to be by your side and, therefore, considers it necessary to listen to each one of your words and remember the more information, the better.

2. He is capable of give in.

He will respect you above all, and your opinion is very valuable to him, therefore, if he made a mistake with something, he will not be afraid to admit it and he will give in by giving you the reason.

3. He is always ready to repair something.

At the moment when there is something to fix, if you ask him, he will get to work and, if he is not able to fix it, he will call someone to do it but, of course, he will be willing to fix the things so you do not have to worry about doing it yourself.

4. He is not against talking to your loved ones.

When a man is in love with you, he does everything possible to spend as much time as possible with you and, if he has to go visit your family, he will be happy to accompany you, and he will care to please everyone.

He Understands that for you they are very important and, therefore, also they will be important for him.

5. Asks your opinion when choosing a garment.

He may ask you because he has no idea of fashion, but it is certain that, if he asks for your opinion, it is because he wants you to see how a piece of clothing fit him and because he wants you to pay attention and admiration.

6. He likes to go anywhere with you.

However boring your plan may seem, if he is in love with you, he will go wherever you want to be with you so he can spend more time with you.

7. Cooks to please you.

Not all men have culinary skills, but if your man cooks for you just to please you, it’s a sign that he loves you.

8. Plan trips and does not forget appointments.

Men like to improvise, but when a man is in love with you, he will keep in mind that, as a woman, you like to plan things, so he will plan trips or surprises to make you feel happy.

9. He will make any sacrifice for you.

If necessary, he will change his plans for you and that, without a doubt, is a great sign that he cares about you and is willing to do everything to make you happy.

10. He is proud of your achievements and is ready to support your crazy ideas.

You will always have his support to get your dreams and goals.

Your achievements will be his achievements and will celebrate by your side everything you achieve.

11. Fights for your love and cares about you.

He does not want to lose you, so he will do everything in his power to make you happy.

In addition, he will always be by your side in good times and bad, will share your laughter and your tears, because he wants to be with you the rest of his life.

12. Not afraid to look weak.

They do not want to show their weakness but, when a man loves you, they have no qualms about letting their feelings out even if it makes them look weak.