How To Have The Best Sex Of Your Life?

Learn to enjoy the moment with your partner and have a much more intense connection instantly.

When we finally found someone to share life, everything seems perfect, but there may be flaws in intimacy. Today we will tell you how to have the best sex of your life so that you and your partner can have a much more intense connection instantly. The key is that our suggestions are practiced by both parties.

Having the best sex of your life is not something you will achieve alone. Yes, you can give yourself pleasure, but when we talk about an emotional connection, combining it with physical pleasure and making it unforgettable, the couple plays a fundamental role.

The best sex of your life will be an agreement of two, so you should not skimp on planning. I do not mean to put it on the calendar and use a stopwatch, but both give your best.

That is why we share suggestions that go beyond the bedroom because the best orgasms do not occur between the legs but in our imagination.

The points you should not forget

Now, talking about sex does not have to be a taboo between you, because the more confidence you show in it, the stronger your relationship will be in all aspects.

These are the points to follow to have the best sex of your life:

How To Have The Best Sex Of Your Life?

1. Communicate and listen.

It is very important that both express what they want, their fantasies, what they like and what bothers them so that they can take it into account when satisfying each other.

Remember that nobody is an object for the other, they are a couple, a team and when both win, is when they manage to move forward.

2. The routine after.

Sex does not end with orgasm, it continues with those moments after the climax where they caress, talk, sleep together, hug and more.

It is here that they will strengthen the emotional bond, so they will feel closer than ever.

3. Respect the time.

We know that there are many things to do in the day, that we run from one place to another, but you can always dedicate time to yourselves as a couple. You may not always have a long and extended meeting, but from something quick to other things like oral sex will be a great tool.

Here it is important that you also value what the other feels, there will be times where you will want to be together, but the sleepiness will win you and it is normal, just do not make it customary.

4. Agree to the aspect of protection.

If there is something that will allow you to enjoy without worrying is to agree on the way you will use to protect yourself, talk about the best method for you and its continuity.

Love is a matter of two, sex too and this includes protection, as a couple, it is a mutual responsibility.

5. Previous games always.

As a couple it is important to know the body of the other and in no way can there be orgasms if both do not ensure that the other is excited to the limit, so the previous game will be essential.

This includes clitoral stimulation in women and perineum in men, in addition to exploring their erogenous zones.

6. Goodbye to the routine.

Over time you can fall into the predictable, but from trying new sexual positions, use some lingerie, essential oils, a romantic getaway, there will always be new ideas to renew your intimacy, enjoy yourselves.

7. Healthy habits.

The best way to make sex more pleasant and lasting is to take care of your physical condition, eat healthy, exercise (particularly the cardio that will cause better erections) and please, sleep properly, that is why many couples prefer sex for the morning instead of before bedtime.