How To Conquer The Boy You Like In A Week

It sounds strange and impossible to achieve, but if you work super fast, you can reach your goal.

You just have to take the initiative and make your presence known in an outstanding way.

However, you will ask, will it be possible to conquer the boy that I like in a week?, How and what should I do?

There are methods that will help you make that person who you want to have by your side fall for you and be able to tell him how much you love him.

How To Conquer The Boy You Like In A Week

1. Look always beautiful.

Dress in your best clothes and leave him impressed.

2. Take care of your image.

Stay clean always, use perfumes and try to have a splendid hair, attractive and with a style that goes with your face.

3. Do not exaggerate makeup.

Pay close attention to the appearance of your face, such as removing pimples or acne, shine your lips to make them look more delicious and kissable.

Also, do not put on too much makeup, because the natural attracts more than the artificial.

4. A beautiful figure.

Practice exercises to be more fit, take care of your body.

5. Contact.

Come across him accidentally or ask a friend in common to introduce you or approach yourself to him and introduce yourself.

6. Smile and laugh at his jokes.

Use your body language, look him in the eye when he is talking to you and have a good conversation with him, ask questions, offer him information about yourself and cope with the situation in a funny way if something bothers you.

7. Break with the touch of barrier.

Let him understand that you want the relationship to be more than a simple friendship, touch his hands or back to comfort him if he is sad and tickle him if he is very playful.

8. Flirting.

Start flirting with that person you like, use all your weapons and look for a way that he sees you.

Send him messages, such as “I really liked talking to you”, “Hopefully we can talk again”.

Touch his hair and make compliments, like the classic “You are very funny.

How is it possible that a boy like you does not have a girlfriend?”

9. Try to concrete the relationship.

Be bold and cunning, suggest another meeting with him again, only if he has not suggested it.

10. Go out with him more often.

Go to the movies or dance.

Be friendly and do not show yourself desperate before him.

And although it sounds weird, sometimes it helps to ask a friend to tell him “accidentally” that you like him, since he probably likes you and you do not know it.