How to conquer a man by being mysterious

In order for him to put all his interest in you, you must keep an air of mystery.

I’ll show you next a small list of what you must do to master the art of mystery:

How to conquer a man by being mysterious

1. Do not tell the details of your life immediately.

Men go crazy when women leave them wanting to know something else. This is fundamental.

This way you will achieve that he approaches you to tell him everything you left unfinished.

His attention in you will grow. Once he asks, tell the detail, but not immediately. Leave him with the intrigue a few days.

2. Be patient.

It is very likely that you want to keep in touch with him immediately, either by WhatsApp or Facebook. But do not go in a hurry.

Patience is the basis of the art of mystery. You must let him be he who adds you to social networks, and when he writes to you, do not be so impatient to respond.

Take your time.

3. Keep the mystery always.

Most men, when they know they have everything from you, gradually stop showing interest.

For this reason, do not stop having your life, or doing what you always do to give in his favor.

You must continue with your routine, without leaving it, and without letting him understand that he is the only important thing in your life.