How Does Your Man Kiss you?

We tell you what it means and what it feels for you.

The way in which he touches your lips or where you receive the gesture are decisive.

Have you ever wondered why your partner kisses you that way? Or better yet … What does that way of kissing you mean? Well, everything has an answer. And it’s not just about his style, but about the place where he has decided to stamp his lips.

Today you will know your man more and you will know, through his kisses, what he feels for you.

How Does Your Man Kiss you

1. On the cheek.

It does not always occur in a romantic context and is far from sexual desire. If that person who attracts you is limited to just kissing you on the cheek, then there is just one friend with affection. But the really worrying thing would be that this way of kissing occurs when there is already a relationship.

2. Of Angel.

It’s about giving you delicate kisses on the eyelid when you sleep. The intention is to remind you how protected you are. This way has a special background full of love.

3. Gentile.

They are kisses on the mouth without exerting a lot of pressure on the lips. Usually, this touch of lips is warmer and durable if it is produced there is a lot of comfort between them.

4. Spiderman.

Do you remember how Mary Jane Watson kissed Peter Parker under the rain? Well, it is as it is. Spontaneous, surprising and vice versa. These types of kisses affirm that there is emotion within the relationship, and of course, love.

5. French.

Here the sexual desire begins, but calm is still being conserved. In these kisses, there is open mouth and tongue play, as if they were getting to know each other. It is a necessary kiss, at least once a day, in a couple who loves each other. In addition, it is the imposing gesture when the words are already left over.

6. Nibble.

The soft bite on the lips is an invitation to the wonderful feeling of the frenzy. Keeping the strength to not hurt, the bite on the lips unleashes the passion in the couple. When it occurs, it expresses latent sexual desire.

Do you like biting your partner? We explain why you feel this desire

A study explains that this sensation is called “tender aggression.”

7. Passionate.

They are wild and uncontrolled kisses. When the mind is already connected especially with sexual energy and shows that in addition to love there is clear physical attractiveness.

And you … How does your man kiss you?