Female Secrets That Men Want To Know

These are the things that men want to know:

Female Secrets That Men Want To Know

1. List of ex-boyfriends.

They always want to know how many exes we have had.

They may be very discreet about it, but in the end, curiosity always kills them.

Of course, it depends on yourself to determine whether, to tell the truth, or not. What is certain is that the fewer names, the better. Men like selective women.

2. Friendzone.

Another of his most important concerns is the Friendzone, especially if we are talking about very jealous men.

There is nothing worse than a woman with a lot of male friendships for a guy who suffers from jealousy.

3. Pretensions.

Basically, they try to know if they are dealing with a girl who pretends a lifelong relationship, or just a girl who just wants to spend the moment.

4. Future changes.

If the relationship is more or less already in place, they always want to know if there will be possible changes. Where, for example?

In our mood, our thinking, our tastes. They expect no surprises and fewer disappointments about the decision we have made.