Can You Give Flowers To A Man?

Giving flowers to a man is a precious detail. Don’t be afraid to do it because he sure loves it. Goodbye to stereotypes.

Of course! Nowadays guys have become much more modern. Now they dare to wear pink clothes, they read their own fashion magazines, they go to the beauty salon … gender stereotypes are less and less so giving a bouquet of flowers to your partner, your father and even a friend is a great idea. You just have to choose the one that best suits his personality.

Can You Give Flowers To A Man?

1. How to choose flowers for a man?

You know him better than anyone so you surely have an image in your head of what kind of flower your man might like. Instead of opting for a traditional bouquet, choose more modern arrangements. For example, orchids are flowers that attract many people for their colors and curious shapes.

You can also choose sets of flowers and plants in a wooden structure, for example, a hollow trunk with moss and different holes from which some beautiful flowers sprout.

A bonsai is also a good option if he likes plants. Choose a species that is easy to have, such as ficus, and accompany your gift with an information book so that he can take good care of it and last much longer.

Are you looking for something more romantic? Nothing like a bouquet of red roses. It is sober, elegant, and speaks for itself. Do you prefer something more casual? Then go for a bouquet of simple wildflowers like daisies, violets, or poppies.

2. Which ones to avoid?

In general, you should discard everything that seems ‘cheesy’ to you. For example, a bouquet of pink peonies may not be the best fit for a man, although you never know! It is best to set aside pastel-hued, delicate-looking flowers and choose others in strong hues like red, yellow, or darker-colored flowers like blue roses and black tulips.

3. What container do you put them in?

The vase or flowerpot that you choose to place your flowers is key when it comes to giving them the masculine air that you are looking for. Opt for vases with simple lines, almost minimalist, in solid colors. The crystal glasses are simple and very successful for these occasions.

Do you want a more original detail? Why don’t you put them in a beer mug or a bottle of wine? The result will be the most fun and unusual. He sure won’t expect it. You can also choose a black or burgundy earthenware jug.