6 Female characteristics that attract men according to science

When it comes to describing what men like about women, they seem to adhere to mysterious rules.

But science, finally checked what characteristics seem best when it comes to fixing their attention on them.

6 Female characteristics that attract men according to science

1- Bright teeth:

Having very white and shiny teeth can make a man notice you.

The researchers found that women who have more yellow teeth are perceived as less attractive.

But do not run to whiten them: an unnatural smile was also judged by them.

2- Red Lips:

At this point, science also found a direct correlation with the attraction.

The red lips cause an unconscious effect in men.

3- Security in themselves:

It was proven that men are attracted to women who know how to defend their ideas and show real security in themselves.

4- Brunettes win:

It may be that the blondes are more fun, but not more attractive.

According to a study conducted in 2008, men prefer Brunettes.

5- With less makeup:

If you thought of painting yourself as a door to go out today, forget it.

They prefer women who are flirty but are subtly and sexy makeup.

6- With long arms:

A study claimed a man prefers a woman with long arms rather than one with short arms.

(Source: http://oaxaca.me)