5 Things That Men Love About Women

Have you ever wondered what men love about women?

Sure you have some ideas in mind; however, maybe all the ideas are wrong.

It is not the breasts or the booty, it is something that we almost always put aside.

Take note of these aspects so that you give them more importance from now on.

5 Things That Men Love About Women

1. Waist-hip.

Unconsciously, men look at the figure women have. They do this in order to see how apt they are to procreate.

Depending on the proportion they notice between your waist and your hip, they have an idea of how fit the body is to procreate a baby.

2. Voice and hair.

They love sharp voices because they relate to small bodies.

They believe that a small body seeks protection and they can provide it.

On the other hand, the more natural the hair looks, the more attractive it is to them.

Yes, forget about using extensions or dying your hair so often.

3. Smile.

Who does not like to see a white smile without bad breath?

Men are attracted to women who have their teeth well taken care of.

What better to be free of bad breath and show a very natural smile?

4. Little makeup.

Without a doubt, a natural look will always attract more than one with excess makeup.

For men, not using so much makeup means feeling confident in your image.

Applying a lot of blush, shade or more, it is interpreted as if you wanted to hide your true self.

5. Red outfit.

Red is a very striking color for them. Do not be surprised if when you wear it, more than one turns to see you.

As you can see, everything they love about you is something you almost always forget about.

Did you have any idea that they like that?