5 Phrases to drive a man crazy

Women have great power over men. This is a great truth. While women are more discreet and disguised, men lose their eyes when they see a sexy woman, isn’t it?

And although men are more like visual creatures because they are always attracted first by what enters through the eyes, not everything passes through the eyes; women can also “dominate” the opposite sex through words.

There are phrases that are infallible when it comes to seducing and conquering a man: they are super simple phrases that raise his ego, make them feel important, loved and attractive, and therefore, will make you climb points with any man you want to conquer.

Do not underestimate the power of these phrases to drive a man crazy.

And not all are hot phrases; sometimes with the simplest and everyday phrases, you can seduce him the same way.

5 Phrases to drive a man crazy

Let’s see next …

1. “Let’s stay home tonight”.

Situation: You were invited to an event but he has not shown too much desire to go.

He just comes home from work, is tired and wanting to lie down or at most lying on the couch watching television …

That phrase is the best one to tell your partner at that moment!

Nothing better than, when we are lazy, stay at home watching a movie together without pressure.

2. “How cute you are today”!.

Who does not like compliments?

These types of phrases improve the mood of any person. An infallible trick to seduce a man is to tell him how good he looks.

Try to be as detailed as possible so that the compliment sounds sincere and credible: tell him that you love his hairstyle, his shirt, the scent of his perfume or the trait that seems most attractive to him.

A phrase like this can be the beginning of a romantic night.

3. “Despite how hard you work, you still have time for me and for the children. I am very proud of you”.

This phrase is reserved for the exemplary parents, those men who with thousands of responsibilities on their backs still spend the time to be with their wife and play with their children.

If you have a husband like that … simply value him!

Next, you will know what you have to say to have an excellent night …

4. “Let’s make love … NOW”.

Well, if you want to really go crazy and raise his libido to the clouds this phrase guarantees success.

Do not wait for your boyfriend to propose a night of passion … Why don’t you propose it yourself?

That act of taking the initiative adds extra points! In addition, he will love that you take him by surprise.

Try it!

And now you have to discover the fifth sentence, it is one of the most effective to make him fall in love completely!

5. “I cooked your favorite dish”.

Men are conquered through the stomach. And with a full belly, the heart is happy.

If you want your boyfriend or your husband fall in love even more, or you want to win the heart of that man who has been in your sights for a long time, I assure you that knowing how to cook his favorite food will help you.

Even if you are not the most expert in the kitchen, you will amaze him with this gesture of love.

Did you see how easy it is for women to drive men crazy?

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