4 Signs That You Are A Bad Kisser

Some people are born with a gift, they give the richest kisses in this world. But many others got lost in that distribution.

Maybe nobody wanted to tell you, but it is obvious that kissing is not your thing, good or bad kissing?

These are the signs that you are a bad kisser.

4 Signs That You Are A Bad Kisser

1. You bump into each other’s teeth.

Oops … a sign that something is wrong in paradise. A bad kiss contains sudden bites or problems between teeth. If it happens to you often I suggest you don’t go too fast.

Maybe your nerves make you crash your face against the guy’s, causing a tooth fight. On the other hand, if you are going to take a bite, make sure it is not to death.

2. Your tongue is deep inside his mouth.

Be careful, it’s a kiss, not a murder. Nobody likes to have someone else’s tongue in their mouths, much less if it reaches his throat.

You don’t have to be exaggerated about it. Wait for him to use his tongue, feel it and try to imitate the same movement. That way you will avoid drowning him.

3. You suffer from halitosis.

I mean bad breath. When you are on a date there are foods that you have to run away from.

No onion, fish, broccoli or garlic. Having good oral hygiene is essential to give a good kiss. That mouth smells is a turn off for anyone. Also, avoid drinking too much alcohol, believe it or not after a few drinks your breath is not the best.

4. You make weird noises while they kiss you.

Avoid the noise, that deconcentrates your boyfriend and can turn the best kiss into a very rare experience. If you are very nervous just breathe deeply. Avoid grunts or other sounds that baffle the boy in question. To kiss you don’t need to make moans.