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Signals that a man emits when he likes a woman

Just as you can not avoid doing certain things when you are with the boy you like, these are the signals that a man emits when he likes a woman. According to body language experts, 85% of the stimuli are nonverbal; that is, in the words of Renata Roa, Image Consultant specializing in the physical […]

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Attitudes that reveal that he is very selfish in the relationship

All couples have particular characteristics, and each person also has a personality that differentiates them from others. However, there is one that is totally unacceptable in a relationship and may even end up damaging you incredibly: selfishness.

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How to understand men in relationship

Is it true that men are from Mars and women from Venus? Misunderstandings between men and women are something normal, the characters are different, but this should not be understood as something negative. However, these discrepancies may be a more productive way and none of the parties have to take a hit.

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