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Reasons why married men look for a lover

Why is it not enough for his girlfriend or wife? Life has led us to the conclusion that rarely a man falls in love with his lover and few change her for her partner. Many men feel insecure about the relationship they built with their woman, a system that in some cases became a family.

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Signs that show how a man uses a woman

There are certain attitudes why a woman leaves a man. That is why we have identified 8 Signs that show that a man wants to use her. So, if you have any doubts, here we will tell you if that guy suits you or not to take a relationship.

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Why men pull away after getting close – Discover 7 Reasons why men pull away!

It is a clear stat that all women who have been involved with a man during the past half century have experienced the departure of the man in her love life. One day you are in the best time of your life with your partner, the next you know nothing about him for weeks and […]

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