Women’s clothes and accessories that men hate

These are the clothes that they do not like, but that does not mean you should not use them. okay?

We agree that the priority when choosing an outfit is that you like it and makes you feel good. However, there are some women’s clothes and accessories that men do not understand or flatly hate them, but they do not dare to mention it.

The portal Bright Side was given the task of analyzing several forums and magazines of men to create the final list of feminine articles that irritate the boys because although you do not believe it, they do care about what you wear.

Take note:

Women’s clothes and accessories that men hate

 1. Leggings and baggy pants.

Contrary to popular belief, they don’t like baggy harem pants and leggings at all.

The first ones because they break the proportions of the body, and the others because they take away all the mystery of the female anatomy.

 2. Type shirt dresses.

When men see a girl wearing something like that they start to wonder if it’s a dress or a huge shirt or why you’re not wearing pants.

In addition, this style suits few.

3. Shorts with stockings.

It is something they will never understand.

Maybe the shorts became something more than just summer clothes according to women, but in the minds of men, they look strange with stockings and boots.

4. Rose “Barbie”.

It would seem strange that men do not like the more feminine color, but it is true.

The rose has many tones and there are others more pleasing to the male eye, why choose the most garish and cheesy of all?

 5. Clothing with sequins and glitters.

Such an abundance of applications confuses men and seems excessive.

When a girl is covered with these elements, they are afraid to touch her, because it does not feel good to the touch and they run the risk of damaging your garment.

6. Frills.

If you like fliers and wavelets (which are certainly among the hottest trends for fall), it’s better to avoid them on a date.

7. Torn clothes.

Another thing that men can not understand is torn jeans and clothing that seems battered.

If your boyfriend is not an alternative boy, fashionista or grunge fan, he probably will not like it.

 8. Mini skirts.

Surprisingly, tiny skirts are on the list of “passion killers” clothing, because they do not understand the skirts that do not hide anything and are even uncomfortable for those who wear them, because they are always trying to cover their butt.

9. Ugg boots.

Since they do not have a well-defined form, they enjoy a negative opinion among the boys.

These plush boots add volume to the legs where it should not be, and men think it looks weird.

10. High-heeled and platform boots.

This shoe seems too aggressive to men and makes them think of strippers.

The same goes for shoes of this type. Avoid them unless you want to attract a lover with a very specific fetish, or reserve them for a special night.

BONUS: The bralettes.

Just when they learned to decipher the mysteries of the bra, this strange garment arrives.

Although it can look very sexy, they do not stop wondering things like: is it a bra or a top? how does it get off ? does it serve to cover or to hold?

Too many questions and few answers.

(Source: http://www.veintitantos.com/)