Basic Clothes You Must Have

There are 5 basic items that every woman should have in her wardrobe. These are the clothes that I think you should include in your wardrobe. They’ll save you just like that.



5 Basic Clothes You Must Have

1. White blouse or t-shirt.

I think this is the most basic garment of all, and perhaps this is the simplest garment you will find in your closet. With this piece, you can create at least 10 different outfits.

You can use it as a base under a coat, jacket, or vest without stealing the spotlight from your clothes. With accessories such as a cute necklace, belt, or a scarf, you can turn it into a more casual garment without being informal.

If, on the other hand, you need that professional appearance, some dress pants or skirt are the perfect complements for this garment. And for casual days, accompanying it with some nice jeans will be your wild card to always look good.

2. Jeans.

This is a basic for any woman since you can combine it with practically everything. If any color, pattern, or texture goes with it.

3. Black dress.

The classic, elegant, and flattering black dress. It doesn’t really matter the shape (of course you have to choose the one that best suits your body), this is basic for both day and night.

4. A formal set.

Either dress pants or skirt in basic and neutral colors such as black, navy blue, gray, dark brown. It is always good to have that base and formal garment for a job interview, or a more serious meeting.

5. Black blazer.

I love blazers, and I also think it is a very useful garment. A black blazer -which combines with all colors- will not fail in your wardrobe when you are looking for an elegant coat to go out or a complement to your office clothes.

These were the 5 garments that you must have yes or yes. Of course, you can add many more … but these are only the basics

What others would you add?