Why is he ignoring me now? – How to treat a man who ignores you

Why is he ignoring me now

Why is he ignoring me now

When you ask yourself this question: Why is he ignoring me now? There’s a proven truth and is that men ignore women as purely an instinctive reaction, as a form of defense for them.

The way you should treat a man who is ignoring you depends on the type of relationship with you and the way he acts against the kind of relationship the two of you carry.

Then I will give you some very practical tips for dealing with a man who is ignoring you.

How to treat a man by the type of relationship

1. A new man:

If a man you do not know but who is in the same environment, for example, the office, constantly ignores you and you like him and want to somehow get close to him, what you have to do is look for eye contact, perhaps he ignores you but no on purpose maybe he has not noticed your presence.

Once you get an eye contact smile to him subtly, that will be an invitation for him to look closer, the rest of the contact will be gradually happening.

If you do not get him to approach you after making eye contact, then be more direct, take the initiative and talk, ask him anything without significance, for example the weather, or news of the day, if after that he keeps staying away perhaps he doesn’t really care about you, so why waste your time?

2. A man with whom you start a serious relationship:

If you are going out for some time already with someone and suddenly started to ignore you without a visible valid reason, believe me, it is normal. When men suddenly feel something is turning more serious or stable than expected, often stay away dramatically to understand what happened.

In this case, you should give him space, make him understand either way is fine, that you didn’t expect it either and if his desire is to take some time, no problem. Thus when he realizes that you understand and accept it, he’ll want to come back and talk to you almost immediately.

3. If you made a mistake with your partner and he is offended or hurt:

Another common reason why a man stops to speak to a woman is because something deeply hurts him or offended him, in this case, you must accept the blame and make him understand that everyone makes mistakes.

You can send a text message or an e-mail, yes, just one! Do not make the mistake of becoming intense, call him a thousand times, text him by all means and besiege him.

Just send him one clear message where you clarify what happened and apologize in a caring way, you know the mistake you made and you’re willing to change that.

4. You finished with your partner and now he completely ignores you:

This is the most common act in a former partner, end with you and the first thing he does is to completely ignore you as if he did not know you, even if you have ended in good plans. What to do in this case to get his attention again?.

There are several reasons why he may ignore you, it may be because he feels hurt, perhaps out of spite or because of your behavior.