Why guys pull away – 10 Reasons why men leave women

Why guys pull away

Why guys pull away

Surely, once you get to watch the movie How to Lose a Guy in 10 days, despite being a comedy, it reveals how women end up turning men rather than keep them on their side. Yes, we know, the situations shown in this film are far from the real problems, but there is no doubt that reality sometimes exceeds fiction. So, let’s see 10 reasons Why guys pull away.

There are hundreds of reasons why a man decides to leave a woman, but if you are experiencing one or more of these causes is time to take the reins of the matter and direct yourself by the right path.

1. Lack of admiration. When this happens, his self- esteem is affected and, therefore, his manhood. They think that for more they strive to make their partner happy, she’ll never feel this way.

2. Monotony. Who is not tired of the routine?! We all seek activities in life that lead us to explore new horizons, and the same should happen in a relationship! To change your attitude in the bedroom can be an excellent choice, but you have to do it on a day to day basis.

3. Boredom. It is clear that if we let the monotony grow, get to boredom, and being in a relationship in which there is no dynamism, dedication and complicity, sooner or later end.

4.Not to respect their free time. If you are the classic hating to go with his friends and not to see him in an afternoon, at once I suggest changing position, because the loss of absolute freedom is against human nature.

5. Lack of interest on your part. It is a fact, men are less complicated than women, so when he comes to feel indifference, simply walk away. They don’t question why. If you do not want this to happen to you, consider his comments, look him in the eyes and smile to him.

6. Insane jealousy. Certainly, jealousy is a natural and almost inevitable part of a relationship, but having a fight every five minutes because of it, is too exhausting for both sides! Try to avoid it. Reaffirm your relationship is better than to be on the defensive, don’t you think?

7. Problems in the economy. This is one of the reasons why hundreds of couples start to have conflicts, especially if your relationship is weak, there is no trust and there is little communication. Yes, money can not buy happiness, but when it is lacking, the emotional aspect is affected.

8. Little sex. What better way to join the couple than intimacy! We’re not saying you have sex all the time, but that you try to find your boyfriend or husband more frequently and when those opportunities happen, to be happy and eager.

9. To impose your beliefs. Many times women assume that their partners must act and think like them, but the reality (in addition to that men are from Mars and women from Venus) is that each person has their own essence and beliefs. Do not try to impose yours.

10. They do not accept changing roles. For some men is devastating that his wife is more successful than them, that she is the one to bring the most money to the house and they also have to take care of the children. Yes, there are many like that yet. Pfft!