Why do men lie and cheat – 10 reasons why men lie to women

Why do men lie and cheat

Why do men lie and cheat

Men often say “white lies” to women to avoid problems that they consider unnecessary.¬†Men have been characterized as more liars than women; in fact they have admitted that lie on average four times a day; but why do men lie and cheat?

This is the list made by Askmen with the reasons why men lie to women.

1. No to hurt feelings. Men prefer to tell a lie to hurt the feelings of a woman. It is better to say that did not make it to the date because he had much work, to confess that he was very tired and preferred to go home to sleep.

2. To impress. Some men tend to exaggerate their qualities, such as economic status, friendships, tastes, etc., in order to attract the attention of women they want. This usually occurs during the conquest.

3. Avoid problems. Although they say that reconciliations are very good, in many cases they prefer to lie to avoid trouble. This kind of lies normally are applied by married men, since knowing the things that displease his wife, prefer to say a “white” lie rather than start an eternal discussion.

4. Insecurity. Some men do not have good self-esteem, which is why they resort to lying, not only to their partner, but even to family and friends. In the exclusive case of their partner, they create a more interesting life, believing that theirs does not have much motion, they make themselves the importants and try to show they are in control.

5. Raise their ego. Actually the ego of men is very fragile, and when they have to deal with a smart woman “self”, feel the need to lie to protect themselves. They do not have to learn about their fears, limitations, their lack of skills, let alone other weaknesses.

6. Evading responsibility. This section covers various types of commitments, from not wanting to go to a family event or with friends, at work or not wanting to formalize a relationship. These points often bother men and with his extensive experience in pretending, manage to get away with it and avoid responsibility.

7. Infidelity. This is one of the most common reasons why men lie to women. Statistics reveal that 60 percent of men are unfaithful, against 40 percent of women. The simple fact of being unfaithful, it’s a lie, but to hide this, you have to keep lying, leading to a chain of endless lies.

8. Fear. It is said that men are more afraid of women to fall in love, and that by getting involved in a relationship, they feel they lose control and are vulnerable to the wishes of them.

9. For sex. When a man is just looking for a woman to spend a night of passion, no matter how, but to achieve his goal. Usually in these cases, they do not like to waste time, and that is why they resort to lies. And when they have achieved it keep deceiving: “I’ll call you and we agree”

10. Manipulate. Lies are also used as tools of control by men, when¬†realizing that his partner is vulnerable, begin to lie to get certain benefits, for example: “I forgot the wallet”, “is that tomorrow I won’t be able to see you”, etc.