Why do guys pull away from relationships

 Why do guys pull away from relationships

Why do guys pull away from relationships

Women and men are different and sometimes some of our attitudes lead men to want to flee in terror. While one can not generalize, there are some common attitudes that women usually have and that can be the reason why men stay away.

Why do guys pull away from relationships? Pay attention and reflect on these female attitudes that alienate men.

Why do guys pull away from relationships?


One of the common attitudes that all women usually have is to analyze things too much, and especially the emotions. And this is something that can scare men. Men say or do things without thinking too much while we tend to spend hours analyzing what we do.

Avoid thinking things too much; Do not obsess if he stops writing you as often or if he is distant, it may simply be a bad day. The best thing to do is avoiding thinking so much.

Being dramatic

If there’s something that makes men stay away, is the drama. If you are dating a person the constant drama is not a good sign. Fighting in public, scenes of jealousy for anything. All that is best avoided for the sake of the relationship. And if you have many conflicts you should fix them privately and find the best way to solve them. But avoid unnecessary drama, which is a very bad idea.


Another attitude that tends to keep men away is the constant negativity about the relationship. This has nothing to do with genuine concerns about the relationship, which themselves are valid, but it is to assume the worst without evidence. If you feel that he no longer loves you or acts differently it is best to talk quietly before accusing him without evidence. If that occurs often it can really wear him down and it is logical that he would want to get away.

Wanting to change him

A typical attitude that women usually have and men detest is trying to change them. But the reality is that if you are looking for a lasting relationship and you feel happy with your partner you should not try to change him. There is nothing wrong with helping the other person to have higher goals or expectations but it is not the same as making him feel the disappointment and pressure for not being what you would like him to be.

Going too fast

Another attitude that tends to alienate men is going too fast, and it’s something that often all women do. While it is normal to get excited if everything seems to work with a guy, it does not mean you to express him you can not live without him in the third encounter. And if you feel it, it is best to keep it to yourself. Men prefer to go slowly, so wait until both are in the same tune and enjoy the relationship without thinking about the future.

Living in the past

Another attitude that makes alienate men does not necessarily have to do with them. If you are constantly mentioning your ex or aspects of your past relationships surely your partner will feel the need to get away. Avoid talking about past relationships and further, don’t give details on intimacy, for something the relationship did not work and is better to concentrate on your current relationship than staying in the past.

Searching where there’s nothing

If we’re looking for problems in the relationship we’re likely to find them. If you want to discover that he deceives you or no longer loves you, or he hides things from you, it indicates from the beginning that you have trust issues and that is not good for the relationship.

Avoid checking his mail, his activity on social networks and cellular, is better not to know everything he does, and you must have the confidence that he won’t do anything to hurt you. Avoid assuming the worst and wait for it to happen because it is a terrible thing for the relationship.

Do you have any of these attitudes in your relationship? If so, start to avoid them, put yourself on the other side and see that it is not pleasant to have to go through that. Enjoy the relationship without pressure, jealousy, expectations and do not over analyze everything!Why do guys pull away sometimes

If you are in a relationship and sometimes you ask yourself the question: Why do guys pull away sometimes? Then is the moment to ponder in the relationship you have with your partner and try to improve it by following the above advices. Good luck!

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