Tips To Be Positive And Find Love

An expert in relationships gives us some advice to be positive and in this way find that partner that you are looking for so much. Take note!

We all go through bad times in our lives, with episodes of bad luck and where everything goes wrong, but we also know that “after the storm, the sun comes out”.

If being positive is not one of our virtues, with perseverance and inner work we can develop a kinder view of life. With this change, it is very likely that we coincide with our better half or that what you wanted to do for a long time will come true.

But going back to love, if you are of the idea that it only comes for some people, it is better to make a change of mentality and the way of seeing things. We can all meet that special “other” to build a story.

Valeria Shapira, a Relationship Expert at, provides us with some tips for staying positive. Take note!

How to see the glass half full?

Tips To Be Positive And Find Love

1. Choose your thoughts.

Every day you can choose what you are going to put in your mind. They can be repetitive, negative thoughts that feed fear and anguish or kind thoughts that connect you with all the love you have inside.

“Even if your current circumstances are not good, you can decide how to get through them. We are what we do with those things that happen to us. Exercise ‘mental gymnastics’: take some air, take a deep breath and learn to see beauty in all events and people ”, Valeria recommends.

2. The change starts with you.

When we change, everything around us changes. In couples love, and in all our bonds, we attract in the frequency in which we vibrate. When you think and act gratefully, you attract like-minded people. Start to be positive and you will see the opportunities your day brings, ”says Valeria.

3. Value yourself.

How are we going to attract love if we don’t feel it for ourselves or we never think we are up to the circumstances? How are we going to have a good couples’ love if we do not practice inner care and with those around us? Valeria tells us that you can choose to focus on everything you have to offer or cling to your shortcomings and limitations.

The expert recommends choosing the first, since you are a beautiful being, with lots of characteristics that make you desirable, attractive, and worth meeting. Once you internalize your goodness, you will see how the outside also recognizes you much more.

4. Feel worthy.

For good situations and bonds to come into our lives, we have to feel that we deserve them. Think big: the best is on the way. Do not close the door to your illusions, no matter how old you are. When you vibrate in a positive and happy frequency you will attract people in the same tune ”.