Signs That Reveal That Marriage Is Not For You

Your parents were married, your sisters also, your neighbors, your friends, it seems that the world is conspiring to marry you but that issue does not worry you, isn’t marriage for you?

If you had doubts, today you will confirm it.

Maybe you present one of the 7 signs that show that you are not fit to move to the line of married.

But be very careful, being married is not synonymous with giving up freedom or being a bored parent.

According to research from Harvard University, married people are happier than single (they are healthier, live longer and have more sex). But not everyone can be a husband or wife.

These signs are valid for singles and lovers. If you were thinking about getting married, check this list and see if you or your partner are ready to get married.

Signs That Reveal That Marriage Is Not For You

1. You do not know what you want.

Being young is synonymous with enjoying the day to day, risking, knowing, but if you are not aware that it is a temporary stage, you are definitely not ready for marriage.

2. You enjoy your independence.

If you love being single, being free and not accountable to anyone, that’s fine, but if you think it will always be that way, you’re wrong.

Only mature people understand freedom in a marriage and you are far from that.

3. You fear commitment.

If it cost you too much to introduce your partner to your parents, it is because you fear commitment.

You fear to feel ‘tied up’ or you think that formality is synonymous with obligation.

4. Economic Instability.

If you do not resist more than 6 months in a job, confirmed: you and marriage are 1 million light years away.

5. You look for more people.

You like to go out, have fun and meet more people with the aim of not getting involved in a single relationship.

The years go by but you still do not feel the need for stability as a couple.

6. You do not want children.

It is the clearest signal and you must think your reasons well to argue that you do not want children.

The commitment of a marriage is the commitment of a future family.

7. Your job is everything.

If you prefer your job before a family reunion or a meeting with that suitor, marriage is not for you.

Better concentrate on your job and keep saving.