Signs He Doesnt Love You Anymore

It is never easy to admit, it costs us to realize and accept that our partner no longer feels the same. However, it is best to try to accept than to continue in the relationship. Even though the two have been super in love in the beginning, things can change and sometimes one don’t feel the same.

Signs He Doesnt Love You Anymore

Signs He Doesnt Love You Anymore

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If you believe this is happening with your partner, do not miss these Signs He Doesn t Love You Anymore. So find out more below!

He wants space

If your partner suddenly starts wanting space and really have not been fights or behavior on your part that may have influenced his decision, may be a sign that he no longer feels the same.

Try to act calmly and ask him why he needs space. It is essential that you are able to deal with the situation. If he answers something vague or meaningless and does not give clear reasons, it is best to stay away, because he probably does not value the relationship in the same way as you.

He compares you to other women

A man should never tell a woman anything to make her feel ugly, insecure or less intelligent. Comparisons should be avoided because there is nothing productive about them. If your guy suggests you should dress or act like another woman, you should tell him you won’t tolerate being compared. And ask how he would feel if you compare him with another man.

If he does not stop comparing you is a clear sign that he does not think about you the same way.

He takes his time to answer

A clear indication that your boyfriend does not feel the same is if he begins not answering your messages. If he does not feel interest in what you write to him, or he rather spends time with friends than seeing you, it is a clear sign that he is losing interest.

Immediately you will notice the change of interest when he takes longer to respond or forgets to do it. At the beginning he will have all kind of excuses to justify it but eventually he will be angry and irritated when you ask him.

Start being selfish

When a man begins to lose interest in the relationship his behavior is likely to become selfish. He’ll begin not to consider what you want or think and won’t show interest even when you tell him that his behavior hurts you.

Gets irritated for anything

If everything you do seems to irritate him, he loses his temper easily and shows been sick of you, it is likely that he no longer feels the same. If he does not comfort you when you’re not well or does not care about what happens in your life, is a clear sign that he does not want you anymore.

There is no intimacy

If more and more he has less sex with you, doesn’t show love and loses interest to kiss you and hug you as he did before, it is a sign that his love is over. Even if he stops saying “I love you” much less often than he used to, it may indicate that he is no longer interested.

If your boyfriend starts to have this kind of behavior is likely to be the signs that no longer feels the same about you. Although it is painful to realize this, it is best to be aware of reality and try to take it the best possible way.