Reasons why it is worth having a sincere friend near you

A sharp and unfiltered person is one who usually thinks out loud, and when shares one of her opinions, she usually says things very honestly, although this could offend or annoy someone.

Practically such a friend will not beat about the bush with you and usually will avoid small talks or the kind of people who usually “talks between the lines”; so when it comes to a frank friend you have to know a couple of things about her way of being.

That’s why here we leave you the 10 best reasons to have a frank friend with no filters at your side.

Reasons why it is worth having a sincere friend near you

1. She will never speak ill of you.

Something valuable to know that your friend speaks what she thinks and is totally frank is that you can count on what will tell you what bothers her in your face, but never behind your back.

2. She will tell you the truth even if it hurts.

She is the queen of the advise when it comes to speaking the truth, especially if you have been confused or blinded by someone, she will always be the one that makes you hit reality.

3. She will not play to be passive-aggressive with you.

Sometimes her way of saying things may hurt a little if you’re not in the mood to listen to it, but what you can be sure of is that at least she will not play with you to be passive-aggressive.

4. Will have very high moral standards.

Too high, and for her any type of falsehood is irrefutable; that is, it is not valid for a person who bases her relationships on honesty and openness, like her.

5. She will make you laugh with her acid humor.

Yes, the best thing about our frank friends is that they have a humor too acid but intelligent so that later you can not share with anyone else the kind of jokes that she does.

6. When drunk she is the funniest.

Your friend will be the most coherent and sure of herself in normal situations, but if she ever goes over the cups, be sure fun guaranteed with a host of good arguments.

Some vomit alcohol, but she will verbally vomit all that she feels at heart.

7. Her friendship is the purest.

It is the purest of all because you know that whatever she does she will do it from the heart.

So when you feel sad, call your friend, because she will surely infect you with that honest vibration.

8. Will teach you to defend yourself with intelligence.

Your honest friend will always defend you and let you know how much you are worth and how important it is to defend by yourself.

9. She will be the most sincere for fashion tips.

Yes, her sincerity can be one of your best qualities when it comes to fashion tips and style.

So do not be offended if you ask her how you look with any clothing you are wearing, because no matter how much she loves you she will tell you if you look bad.

10. Will teach you to be a best friend.

Directly and indirectly, your friend can always help you grow as a person and friend since her openness is the best tool for life; and without wanting that quality will infect you.