How to keep your man happy in a relationship

How to keep your man happy in a relationship

How to keep your man happy in a relationship

Want to know how to keep your man happy in a relationship? Suggest him what you want from him while praising his skills. For example¬†say: “how well would do me some strong hands now” instead of almost ordering him “give me a foot massage.”

Men are very sensitive to any comment that might suggest any incompetence on their part, which is why experts advise you to present your message in a wrapper that makes him feel good about himself.

Be clear with your guy

You can not expect your man to be telepathic. So instead of blaming him for not knowing what you want, blame yourself for not telling him, this is one of the ways that will help you learn how to keep your man happy in a relationship. If you would like dining out more often say, “I love to get ready for dinner with you.” That way he’ll get the message without feeling like he is disappointing you.

Reward him

It turns out that men indeed can be trained in some ways; they will do what you want if you reward them when they are good. It boils down to give a positive reinforcement. They respond when you stimulate their ego, so flatter him next time he prepare dinner or says he’s ready to give you the best night of your life. It will be etched in his mind as something that can be repeated.

Treat him like a baby when he’s sick

When you take care of your sick man, he realizes that you’re there for him even in the worst moments. Even the toughest guy wants to be pampered when he does not feel well, and help him get back in shape strengthens mutual trust (where he suffers he shows you his most vulnerable side, which for many is not easy).

Let him talk

Flattering a man has nothing to do necessarily with praising his prowess or prepare his favorite dessert; sometimes to make him feel loved, just listen to him. When you offer him an uninterrupted time to express, you’re transmitting him that you respect him and you are curious to know what is happening at that moment in his life. This is one of the ways to learn how to keep your man happy in a relationship.

Being a good listener reinforces the feeling that his heart can open at any time without fear of being ignored. So the next time your boyfriend feel like talking, do not interrupt or change the subject. And if the conversation bores you, just remember, he did not send you to hell when you related him, one by one, your adventures last time you went shopping.