How to keep ur husband happy

Are you a little worried that your prince set his eyes in other women? Do you want to learn How to keep ur husband happy “until death do you part”? Well, if you’re with
that pesky paranoia, I will give you some easy tips to apply and your Romeo will always be by your side:

How to keep ur husband happy

How to keep ur husband happy

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Always try listening to what he has to say

This is very easy because women always lend their ears to their friends, sometimes for hours in a mixture of fraternity and stoicism. If you can hear your friends, why
not hear the comments of your man? Yes, I know, sometimes these things are boring, but come on! Don’t you always want to have him with you? Well, then first apply these essential rules.

Completely eliminate complaints about trivial matters

This is a very important tip to follow. We tend always to be dissatisfied with things like “I don’t like these clothes”, I’m fat, my hair, I hate this rainy or cloudy day, etc. etc. While they are valid things for us (myself included) they always see you the same way and do not care, they don’t always like to hear complaints from us. And if they were to care about it, they do not understand about complaining and “doing nothing about it.” They think, sure, “she is always complaining that she’s fat and eating a cake every two days.” It makes sense right? Then, stop complaining all the time. It is not about to be legitimate or spontaneous, is keeping your Romeo to your side forever, and for that we also need to evolve as people and that happens by being more positive.

Occasionally accompany him to his hobbies

Is there a happier man when he goes to see his football game or going fishing with his princess? Not at all! He is the happiest man on the planet, we are there between
curious and a bit boring, but if we really love our man and we see him so happy, why not make an effort occasionally. Said occasionally, not every weekend, do not go

“Talk Sex”

You read right … I said sex talk, this is one of the tips that will make your relationship last without any hesitation. I did not put it in the beginning to not “sexified” love, but it is important! When I say sex talk I mean talking with a spirit of discovery, a little bit of humor and absolute sincerity, what you like or do not like in bed. When I say this I do not mean you to put on glasses and give a lecture before making love, I mean basically “while” you’re in this task, talking gently and “guiding” your love one.

Be an interesting woman for him

This is very important since many women are always waiting to be called, they have no higher interest than curling up with their “baby” watching a movie, they have nothing new to say about themselves. Women like that are so boring and stop being interesting for a man. This is real. If he’s working, working! Stop calling him because he’s surely working and do not understand these calls that interrupt him just to know “if you love me.” Occasionally it’s okay, but do not overdo it. Have hobbies, develop some talent, write in a blog, have something to say about yourself and also look for other goals in life than just having your partner with you.

With these 5 simple tips you’ll always have your man with you. Guaranteed! And if even with these tips he fools you, then he is not the man for you. Dump him “mentally” and “physically”, plain and simple.