Does he really love me signs – 10 Things a man does when he really loves you

Today relationships have been eroded to the point of forgetting the things that really give value to the meaning of ‘love’. They have forgotten the small details, the affection, doing things without expecting anything in return just because of wanting to do it.

Does he really love me signs

Does he really love me signs

Does he really love me signs

A man who really loves you cares about you, loves you and demonstrates it every day; he is honest, genuine and do not hide anything. Always looking to have details with you and make you feel the most special person in the world.

1. Never makes you do things you do not want.

When a man really loves you, respects your time and your decisions. He never forces you to do things you do not want, that hurt you or you’re not ready to do. He understands that you are a separate being who does things your own way and on its time.

2. He listens to you carefully.

Many times when we talk to someone we think they are listening to us, but it is not. The person is physically present, but her mind is elsewhere.

This will never happen with him. He’ll really hear you. He’ll pay attention to every detail of what you say, he will analyze it and then give you an answer based on what he thinks about it.

3. He allows you to develop as a person.

Love means letting someone else run free, with the assurance that at the end of the day return to your side. If he really loves you will give you the freedom to fulfill your goals and dreams.

4. He takes care of you.

Perhaps taking care involves lying next to you in ‘those days’ that all women hate; takes your breakfast to your bed when you feel down or stay with you to see movies all weekend. Perhaps holds your hands as you walk down the street and yields you the inner side of the sidewalk. Whatever it is, he will do anything to make you feel protected.

5. He’ll show you love.

With a hug, a touch, a kiss. Physical contact is not only about seeking sexual pleasure, it becomes a way to show you how much he loves you and how important you are to him.

6. Constantly reminds you how much he misses you.

And it does not mean that he’ll send you text messages all day. It is sufficient that he express you a “you have a nice day, I miss you”, ask you how your day was or tell you about his, by a call or message of any kind, whatever you both enjoy more.

Those are spontaneous reminders that no matter where or who he is with, think about yourself and really wants to be by your side.

7. Thinks of you during the day.

It is something inevitable when one is in love. He may not always let you know, but certainly there will always be a time during the day that you cross by his mind, one way or another.

8. He helps you in whatever he can.

Love is all about being in the good and bad times. That is something he understands, that’s why he will be there to support you in any crisis you face, whether material, financial or physical.

9. He cares about your feelings and thoughts.

When someone loves you, truly cares about your thinking and how you see the world; to know your ideals, your goals and better understand who you are; what it is that moves you to act in a certain way and live the way you live.

10. He loves you just as you are.

It sounds like a song title, but there is no better way to show love than accepting your physical, your personality, with your strengths and weaknesses, mistakes and successes. With all that forms your person. If he really loves you, he will not ask you to change into something that is essential to you, that defines you. In addition, he will love you for who you are today, not your past. The future is open to live it together, always looking forward.

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