5 Male attitudes that girls misinterpret

5 Male attitudes that girls misinterpret

5 Male attitudes that girls misinterpret

Girls, Is it true that is lovely when guys treat you with gentleness? Well, in the same way, that often is asked to men to understand women and treat them well, it is necessary that you know men better to not misinterpret their attitudes. I invite you to meet, at least 5 Male attitudes that girls misinterpret and how to learn to understand them.

5 Male attitudes that girls misinterpret

1. Why most men do not talk much?

Sometimes girls talk up a storm and they want men to do the same. Remember girl, from childhood you had friends with whom you talked all the time, men do not. Although men spend time with their friends, the topics they touch are shallower, like cars, games, etc. Now, this does not mean that he doesn’t care about what you speak to him, but his reaction is different. For example, you may have spoken 20 minutes and his answer is “umm”, sometimes it bothers you. However, remember that it is the way he is.

Tip: Girl, take a time in which you can spend some time in other ways, such like a walk, games, etc., not just talking. However, for those times when talking, have various issues that cause him to get involved.

2. Why are men sometimes less detailist than women?

In many cases, men are less detailist because since childhood moms tend to do many things for their children. This causes them not to develop much skills to be attentive to the details of what you like and what you don’t.

Tip: With love and patience, teach him to see how to pay attention to details. Without pushing in the talks, highlight what you like and how you like it and emphasize what you do not like.

3. Why do men pay more attention to what they see?

The male has the facility to be more aware of those things they see than what they hear. For them, it is easier to look at how you look than how you feel. This does not mean that they spend their time looking at other women or focused only physically, but their visual field is more agile than others.

Tip: Sometimes we misinterpret this as a lack of empathy. However, expressing your feelings will allow him to become sensitive to your situation until he understands you; or at least he will try. Similarly, when you speak, do it as visual or descriptive as possible so you can create a clear picture of what you mean.

4. Why men isolate at difficult times?

The tendency of men is not to be emotional before failures or problems. In men, is more common courage, frustration and, at times, despair for not having the tools to cope with the situation they are going through.

Tip: At a time like this give him space to organize his thoughts. Be supportive, but do not push him to tell you. After the anger has subsided, let him tell you what happened and how he feels. You can ask him what he wishes to do to resolve the situation and help him with ideas that can benefit him.

5. Why they forget things fast?

Women are better able than men to retain what they hear. In many cases, girls like to give many instructions because think guys will remember. Now, when they don’t remember, girls get annoyed.

Tip: It is not personal. Most guys are the same. Try a new strategy. When you need anything to be done, make small notes and when is an important conversation, have it in the time he’s more attentive.

Girls remember, there are several differences between you and the boys, even many who are not mentioned here. However, those are the ones that maintain the relationships friendly or entertaining. There are things that can be modified or changed completely, but the most important thing is to learn to understand the differences and how to make good use of them. For example, he does not talk much but looks at what or how you like things. Use this to get close to someone who will be detailist with you. In this way, you will have an honest and trustworthy relationship since the guy will feel at ease because there is understanding.

There are some of the most common Attitudes of men that women misinterpret. Please girl, be patient with him if you love him

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