Wrong Ways To Seduce A Man

The desire to conquer a man leads women to put into practice every trick of seduction, the good and not so good. The worst happens when women err in the strategy of conquest, and instead of getting him interested, they end up pushing him away.

Among many, these are 5 wrong ways to seduce a boy. To score and do not forget!

Wrong Ways To Seduce A Man

1. Making him wait.

Making a man waiting on the first date, or all meetings is more a myth than a reality.

Today is no longer considered a gallantry of women, to awaken the interest of the man, but a lack of respect that can change the mood of anyone.

So if you think that making him wait is a good method, you are more than wrong.

2. Showing too much.

You do not have to become Rihanna or Miley Cyrus for your date and attract your boy.

Showing too much can make you look desperate, and it’s the last thing you need.

It is important that you wear clothes that you feel comfortable with, and everything else will be given alone.

3. Wearing too much makeup.

If wearing little clothes is bad, wearing too much makeup is even worse.

Any exaggeration can be horrifying and scares the boy of your dreams, for more yearnings to conquer him you would have.

It is also not a matter of presenting yourself with a washed face, but a bit of discreet makeup, soft colors that allow you to show off your natural beauty.

4. Talking about other men.

If you want to seduce a man, you have to make him feel desirable, important and unique.

With this theory, the worst thing you can do is talk about other men, much less your ex.

Even mentioning, or expanding on the subject, sums points against you at the time to seduce a man.

5. Being another person.

Do not try to be the one you are not to please a boy, because otherwise, you will have to live dragging that lie.

Also, it’s not fun for anyone, not you, not him.

It is important to be the same, genuine, and that he falls in love with you for who you are, not for whom you think he believes you are.

What other wrong way to seduce a man does it occur to you that women can commit?

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