Why he does not call me

Why he does not call me

Why he does not call me

Why he does not call me? This question more than a question is an enigma. And it is that no matter how much we think we know men, when we give our number and that guy who looked so concerned never appears, we scratch our heads wondering why the hell he never called. He didn’t like me? Was it something I said or the clothes I wore? Did he lose his cell phone, his mother died, his house caught fire? No more stupid questions! We’ll give you some good (and logical) explanations of why he does not call you and possibly never will.

Why he does not call me


1. Did he ask you the number, or you gave it to him voluntarily, but did not give you the option or you didn’t have the opportunity to ask his. While parting he pronounced the almost apocalyptic phrase “I’ll call,” but the days and the weeks pass and this guy so attractive that appealed to you never gives signs of life.

The first and most obvious answer to why he does not call is very simple: Because he doesn’t want. This truism can be painful to our ego, but it’s just a fact. Now we have to analyze the reasons why the guy that we had such a good conversation and such an interesting attraction the day you met, decided not appear ever again. Keep reading because the answers come later.

2. The first reason may be simple: he likes you but just wants sex and not seeing that happened the first night, has no interest in pursuing a whole flirting protocol when outside he perhaps can find what he wants without much effort. That sounds harsh? Is true, but no less true. Guys do not always want to go out with a girl, sometimes they feel like something physical and nothing more, so they are not willing to start a process of courtship that would confuse things and direct them towards a plan that he is not interested.

3. Perhaps he was very happy with your number, ready to call anytime. And he began to reflect on how nice you were, as sympathetic, as attractive and suddenly an alarm sounded inside: This girl looks great for a possible relationship. Only one problem: He flees the commitment.

With such men there is nothing to do because everything is mental: It does not matter if you really have not the slightest idea of dating someone seriously, no matter if you say it a thousand times, when a man is afraid of a relationship in his head he can recreate many alarm situations, such as calling the girl he met at the bar. Conclusion: It never will.

4. Alternatively why he does not call you is that while he actually liked you, he won’t ever call you because he’s committed to the bone. If there was no physical action in that first encounter, forget this guy because he does not plan to complicate life for some casual sex that did not happen naturally.

5. On the other hand there are guys who never called for the simple reason that they feel insecure. They think that eventually you will not lend them the slightest attention when you know them a little better, so they decide to take no chances.

6. And we can not pass up a situation in which numbers were exchanged by pure diplomacy, but that he is not interested to call or see you again. If you have his number and he hasn’t shown the slightest sign of life, perhaps you can send a first contact message but if he does not respond forget about it, he’s not interested in you, it’s that simple.

7. Although things have changed and increasingly women are more active in the process of conquest and been able to take the first steps to encourage the guy they like, there is a reality that we can never forget: If he is interested he will call, whether rain or thunder flashes, he will. If it does not happen turn the page and get on with your life.