What to talk on your first date

The first date may get you very nervous and even the simplest things can stress you. Something that costs a lot of work to some women is to choose the topics of conversation to avoid that the talking becomes a long uncomfortable silence.

What to talk on your first date

What to talk on your first date

What to talk on your first date

If you talk too much, he’s going to get fed up; if you do not speak, he will think you do not care. If the topics of conversation are too controversial you could start arguing and end the whole evening prematurely.

Do not worry, guys feel the same! Get ready for your first date with him and take note of the correct and incorrect topics for an amazing evening.

Forbidden subjects:

Family: We all have problems at home from time to time! But that does not mean that your first date with a guy is the right place to discharge all your discomfort. Families are complex and the dynamics of these vary between each home. To avoid the conversation starts taking a more serious tone, better stay away from family issues and if he asks, only say the positive features so you don’t start crying in the middle of the dinner.

Gossip: As much as women like the gossip when they are with their friends, a date is not the place. You might say something wrong about someone who is close to him and things would get uncomfortable quickly. Besides, no one wants to date a girl who has only bad things to say about others.

Your ex: This is more than obvious but it is worth remembering. If you spend the time talking about your ex-boyfriend you will appear to still have feelings for him and you still haven’t gone over it, and you’ll see yourself a little embittered as if you wouldn’t really want to date anyone else. This is the last thing you want!

So the next are the topics about what to talk about on a first date with a guy.

Appropriate topics:

School: At first it might sound like a boring topic but absolutely safe ground because he can talk for hours about what he likes or dislikes about your school. This is an incredible theme to start the conversation lightly and move to more interesting things.

Music, television, and movies:  This is a classic theme that never fails. Tell the programs you like to watch to see if he has things in common. Discuss the types of films he likes and plan your next date at the movies. If both like any group or artist, you can make plans to see him/her live.

Hobbies: Tell him what you like to do to start knowing you better. Does he have pets? Does he play any sport? What kind of activities does he like to do in the evenings? These are great topics of conversation that also will help you know how much compatibility between the two is. Also, tell him about your dreams and future plans, such as career or job you would like to have. Here the main point is to know each other!

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