Ways to impress a man

The world of dating is made up of illusions and falsehoods.

From the white lie (No, how do you think?

It does not bother me that your mother accompanies us to the cinema!),

Even the fake things we put on before each date (the extensions, the false eyelashes, the push-up bra and the girdle) that when removing them seems that we disarm ourselves; Everything we do is designed to impress the person we are with.

Ways to impress a man.

Ways to impress a man.

This is entirely normal for the beginning of every relationship, but if you are looking for something serious you must put aside the false personality that you create to date, and let the spectacular woman you really are to be known.

If you feel that the person you are with is “the one”, we have 6 tips to be yourself and keep him intrigued.

Ways to impress a man

1. Be honest.

This is the golden rule from the beginning of any relationship.

The make-up and the little white lies are not bad but do not say or do things that get you in trouble later.

Always tell the truth about yourself and trust that you are a woman that any man would be proud to relate to.

2. Be confident.

Having confidence in yourself is your best characteristic.

You do not need to pretend to be someone you are not for him to notice you.

There is nothing more exciting than a confident woman.

3. Dates during the day.

Going out with him only at night and spending all evenings in bars makes interaction more difficult.

He will get used to seeing you always in miniskirts and heels instead of appreciating who you are in your daily life.

In addition, going out to noisy places prevents conversation.

How can you form the basis of a relationship if he does not know anything about yourself?

4. Do not talk about money.

A responsible woman is in control of her finances.

Avoid talking to him about your financial problems whenever you can.

If every time you see him you talk about everything you owe on your departmental card, he could consider you as a disorganized and superfluous person.

5. The drama.

Those friends who are really enemies do more harm than good.

Do not tell your boy about your friend’s drama at every dinner.

It’s not that he does not care about your problems, but that your friends/enemies are something they do not understand.

Get away from those people who cause you so much conflict and avoid mentioning them to your date.

6. A little bit of everything.

You must know a little bit about cars, a little about sports and a little bit about business.

Do not lie to him, it is completely unnecessary to describe yourself as “the biggest fan” of his favorite team; just have the attention to know his interests so you don’t get lost in the conversations.

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