Types Of Single Women According To Experts

Singleness can be a good stage for you if you assume it in the best way. We tell you how.

For many women, singleness is a bitter path through which they want to travel as little as possible, however, some specialists have pointed out that it is possible to be single without losing calm and sanity, in the healthiest way possible.

According to Soy Carmín, Psychology Today columnist Dan Savage identified three types of single women according to how they cope with being without a partner, how they seek their happiness and what they radiate to others, which has become a lesson of self-knowledge.

Types Of Single Women According To Experts

1. Single strangers.

According to the aforementioned medium, these types of women are those who are terrified of loneliness so they will seek by all means to obtain a companion even if it sacrifices their own happiness.

This same prototype is capable of doing whatever it takes to maintain a relationship, even though it is no longer healthy, forgetting that happiness is within themselves so they try to find it in someone else, even if it is over and over again.

2. Single accomplices.

There are also women who love the process of starting a relationship so they are constantly looking for one. It happens beyond their own taste because they allow themselves to be carried away by the social pressure of others.

The latter can push them to stay together with a person they do not like or never give up the idea that they should always be with someone, due to the expectations or demands that others place on them. They are afraid of rejection.

3. Healthy single women.

Lastly, there are the women who made peace with themselves, and instead of pushing themselves, they enjoy being single. They do not give in to social pressure, which means that they will only date or go out with someone when they want to. They are genuine people and they live their relationships satisfactorily.