Types of men you should to avoid

If you can identify an example of our list with the boy you’re dating, do not waste time and get away as soon as possible, for your own good.

When you think you’ve found your prince charming, oh, surprise! It turns out that over time it becomes a horrible frog.

Like the story of when the princess kisses the toad and it becomes a prince, but the other way around because once you give yourselves completely, men start (as they say) “to show the copper”.

Therefore, before falling in love and losing your head for a boy, look carefully with who you are dealing with and if you identify any of the list next, you know it’s time to run:

Types of men you should to avoid

1. Married.

Seriously, what makes some girls think that having a relationship with a married person can result in a happy ending?

By principle that speaks of the dishonesty of the guy in question because if he does not want anything with his wife, why continue with her?

And secondly, that of being “the other” is nothing nice. You deserve someone exclusively that shouts from the rooftops how happy he is with you, not a man who hides you because there is someone else in his life besides you.

2. The misunderstood poet.

Or the misunderstood philosopher/painter/ musician. And how much women love to be rescuers of these guys in disgrace!

As some women get the instinct “wonder woman” and they want to be the saviors of that poor misunderstood “little creature” … when sometimes they can not even handle their our life.

Remember that what you need is a partner to support each other.

We all need from time to time to go to the psychologist to help us solve certain problems, so if he needs therapy, let him seek a specialist, you do not have to be his psychologist.

3. Mom’s son.

In a perfect relationship, there are only two people: you and him, never miss the average twisted guy who simply does not beat his mother.

“It’s just that my mom did this like this” or “It’s just that I usually take my mom on vacation, does not it bother you if she goes with us, right?”

Yeah right! …

Do not kid yourself, he’s not going to change.

Most likely since childhood, his mom made him mega attached to her and it will be very difficult to overcome that attachment because it is more likely that he thinks that this is normal and that you are hallucinating.

If you want to avoid all this family drama, you better run away from the beginning to the first signs of chronic “mommitis”.

4. Rude.

There are men (and women too, but we are talking about men specifically) who believe they can buy everything with money.

And with “everything” I mean things that obviously cannot be bought like love, education, friendship, etc.

Or the typical ones who because they have money, believe that they can treat others with the tips of their toes.

It may be that the guy I have a lot of money and impress you with expensive gifts. Then put in a hypothetical case that you agree to be his girlfriend, we will not generalize but if it is a boy for whom money is everything.

What warranties that he wouldn’t make you have very uncomfortable moments in a restaurant by being super rude with the waiter?

Better run away from him if he intends to buy you with details.

5. The cheerful eye.

Why suffer in vain?

You may have noticed a Casanova and he has a magnetic born gift to be charming with girls, but what can you expect from a person like that?

A lot of suffering and even paranoia because, just as nice as he is with you, precise and flattering, he can be with anyone.

That’s why if he is exaggeratedly cute and charming, consider him a red alert.

Have you met any in our blacklist or know another guy from whom you should flee immediately?