Types Of Men Who Will Never Get Married

Not all are made for marriage.

There are men who do not have their plans to reach the altar, it is not their dream, and when they mention it in a conversation: “I do not want to get married”, immediately there are questions about their way of thinking.

They have a more independent way of reasoning and do not even consider forming a family.

Their individualism has led them to consolidate a life where he conceives himself as more important, for that reason, it would not be within their plans to get married, as it would entail changing their lifestyle.

These are the types of men who would never get married:

Types Of Men Who Will Never Get Married

1. The narcissist:

Above all, only one person predominates in their thoughts: they themselves.

Do not waste energy on him. They only have time to improve their image, so they will never have it for someone else.

2. The immature or eternal adolescent:

Are those people who cannot close a stage and live the present as if it were the last day.

They will not want to establish a commitment because it means too much pressure.

3. The Stingy:

There are people who consider that marriage leads to too many expenses, which include: the party, the food, the church, honeymoon, dresses, etc.

It seems to them a waste of money.

4. The rock star:

The step of marriage means for them “to be tied to only one woman”.

Of course, they would not consider having to be faithful and lead another lifestyle

5. The workaholic:

His professional growth is the most important thing for him.

They are so focused on their work things that they do not even have time to look at women.

6. The hurt man:

He has gone through different love disappointments, so he can not overcome it.

In this case, they will dodge the commitment for fear of suffering again.