Tricks to get a boyfriend

Tricks to get a boyfriend

Tricks to get a boyfriend


Your thirties are approaching and being single seems to be your best presentation? Staying calm is the best strategy, show yourself desperate for a man will only make him move away! There are 10 foolproof tricks to get a boyfriend, and here we’ll show them to you.

1. Security: a key factor to make a woman attractive. Speak in front of the mirror, analyze your movements and the way you walk, and always show yourself secure.

2. Self-esteem: to reflect security you must feel a lot of self-esteem. Tell yourself every day the good things you have, you will end up believing your physical and emotional qualities and appropriating them.

3. Friendship: cultivate good friends, be generous, friendly and be a good person. You’re going to expand your circle of friends, and there may be the love of your life.

4. Be realistic: Forget about the platonic love and perfect men. We must sharpen the eye and taste.

5. Each date as if it were the last: No matter if the prospect does not look good, take it like a job interview and always try to look perfect.

6. No to your ex: banish that word (ex) of your mouth and do not even mention his qualities or defects.

7. Lower the guard. Men do not like women who don’t allow themselves galantear. Men like opening the door and to note that female warmth. Guard down, relaxing the lips and being nice costs nothing.

8. Be aware of your areas for improvement. If you know that you look better with a few kilos less, put them down.

9. Be aware of your strengths: highlight them with the right clothes.

Finally … 10 … if you know someone who seems interested, apply this premise: It is best to start from the premise that you are alone and that maybe this person will want to stay a while making you company. So you’ll never accelerate yourself and take everything more calmly.