Tips To Subtly Give Conversation To A Man

Do you like a boy but do not know how to start a conversation with him? Would you like to know him more deeply but do not dare to talk to him?

Do not worry that here we will tell you what are the 6 tips to give conversation to a boy in a subtle way.

Tips To Subtly Give Conversation To A Man

1. Ask for help.

A great phrase to start talking with a boy is; “Could you help me with this?”

No matter the reason, whether your car broke down, have a heavy package or do not know an address, any reason is good.

Do not forget to thank him with a smile, you will see that he will want to continue talking to you for a while.

2. Ask permission to take a seat.

Asking permission to sit next to the guy you want to start a conversation with is an excellent way to start a talk.

Remember to smile and put a kind gesture when asking the question so that he feels comfortable and tries to start a conversation.

3. Ask him the time.

A good and classic strategy to approach and try to start a conversation is to ask the time.

Yes, very important: make sure you do not let him see if you have a cell phone or a watch, because everything will have been in vain and you will not be able to get close to him because you will be very obvious.

4. Ask him if you know each other from somewhere else.

An excellent way to start a conversation in a subtle way is to say phrases like “Do we know each other?” or “Hello, excuse me, but do I know you from somewhere?”

You will see that in this way you can start a chat because curiosity will be much stronger and will begin to ask you data to know if he knows you or not.

5. Ask him for directions.

An excellent idea is to approach the boy you are interested in and ask for directions to get somewhere, whether you are inside an office or in a large place, the opportunity is at your fingertips. Especially if you manage him to accompany you to the place you’re looking for.

While they are walking, you can start talking to him.

6. Make something drop near you.

Not only can you start a conversation with a question, but also a movement can be the starting point to do so.

When you pass near him, drop some object and when he bends down to pick it up, thank him with your best smile, this can be the starting point for that talk you have longed for.

These are only 6 tips that will be useful to give conversation to a boy.

Surely you also have some other way to start a talk with a guy that attracts you.

Tell us how you do it.