Tips to not feel uncomfortable silences on a date

For the outing of a romantic meeting to work and extend to a second, communication is essential, if this works everything flows.

But what happens when there is a lot of uncomfortable silence and neither party knows how to liven up the situation and ends up ruining the evening.

To be successful with that person, we recommend 12 things you can do when there is a silence between the two.

Tips to not feel uncomfortable silences on a date

1. Ask if his family is large or how many siblings he has.

Talking about the family is an entertaining idea so as not to fall into silence.

2. Talking about what he is a fan of.

For example, does he like a music group, artist, sports team, writer or a television program?

3. Know why he chose that place to meet you.

Something has the exterior of that place that represents something more to your date.

4. Talk about what he does in his free time.

Suddenly, have things in common.

5. Ask him to recommend you a book, movie or place to eat.

That way, he’ll know you’re interested in topics that matter to him.

It’s good news to have someone to share time and debate with.

6. Share the tastes for pets.

If he does not have a pet, it is an option to ask if he loved a pet as a child and what animal he would like to have at home.

7. Ask what is the first music album he bought.

Make him remember his most beautiful years.

8. Talk about the cartoons or programs that you both saw as children.

In fact, if he was a fan of a caricature.

9. Talk about how the perfect vacation would be.

In a few minutes, you could discuss everything about traveling.

10. Talk about the fears you have.

Or lived experiences that marked you both, but giving comfort and understanding.

11. Are you allergic to a meal or something else?

You will avoid not giving him medical problems.

12. He will have some dreams to make come true.

Also, share your projects, he may suddenly become interested and support you.