Tips to make your first date a success

Everyone is afraid that their first date is a failure. We have many illusions and we would not like to lose everything because we do not know how to behave on the first date.

That’s why I give you several tips with the aim of making your first date a success.


Tips to make your first date a success

1. Alternative plan.

Always and at all times it is good to have a support plan or alternative plan, just in case the meeting comes to take an unexpected course.

If you see that your meeting is not as you would like, start the alternative plan and leave your date with a good taste in the mouth. Sometimes the next meeting may be better.

The alternative plan may be to meet friends, for example.

2. Be on time.

It is an offense or lack of interest to arrive late to your first date, if you do not know the place you will go to, research the address ahead of time time, arrive a little earlier than the time you had agreed, show your date that you do really mind.

3. Plan a short meeting.

It can be a meeting of one or two hours, if everything goes well you could extend the time of it a little longer.

But do not plan a one-day meeting and soon realize that there is no future ahead due to the fact that this is one of the worst things that can happen.

4. Wear convenient clothing.

Everything depends on the place you are going to go, for example, you will not go to the park dressed formally and with heels.

It is not only embarrassing if one presents itself formally and the other in jeans.

Sometimes make a compliment, some nice words make the whole world feel unique, but making many persistent comments in this regard can make you look overwhelming.

5. Don’t drink too much.

Several drinks can help you to lower the nerves and the tension of the meeting, but remember that you did not go out of celebration with your friends.

Drinking can bring certain aspects of you that are not really attractive and that will not help you at all.

6. Have a balance between what you speak and listen.

Pay attention to the rate you speak against the one you spend listening to your date. It is preferable that you spend more time listening than speaking.

A fundamental point is that you do not talk about past sentimental experiences.

Do not mention things like my ex-liked this or the other, you’re just going to show insecurity and lack of tact.

There will be time later to touch deeper conversations.

Another tip is not to talk about sex or controversial issues such as religion or politics.

The goal is to meet the other person and have fun and above all, make your date laugh.